Can The Employer Consult The Personal Files And Messages Of His Employees?

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At work, the IT resources made available to employees must be used for professional purposes. However, the charters of use or the rules put in place within companies are not always respected. It therefore happens that personal messages are sent or that personal files are stored by employees. Is the employer authorized to access it? If so, in which cases?

Message Consultation: Professional / Personal Messaging

 Professional Messaging

Everyone has the right to respect for their private life and the secrecy of their private correspondence, even at work. Even if the use of the tools made available for personal purposes is prohibited within the company, the employer cannot freely consult the personal emails of his employees . To be considered as personal, must be indicated in the subject line of “Personal” or “Private” emails. They must also be stored in a “Personal” or “Private” directory.

There is no longer any protection if a judicial investigation is underway or if a judge has authorized the employer to access the messages. In the event of a dispute, the courts must assess the regularity and proportionality of the employer’s access to the messaging system. Thus, the judge may be asked to call on a bailiff to take cognizance of the employer’s messages.

Personal Messaging

The employer does not have the right to consult the emails received or sent by the employee on his personal messaging, even if the use of this one was made with the tool made available by the company for purposes professional. The messages are covered by the secrecy of correspondence. The mention “Personal” or “Private” is not necessary.

Viewing Files: Storage And Access

Personal File Storage: Allowed Or Not?

All files stored on the computer tool made available by the company are supposed to be professional. However, it is generally allowed to store personal documents as long as they are stored in folders called “Personal” or “Private”. Naming files with their first name, initials, “Miscellaneous” or “My documents” does not give them a personal character.

Access To Files

The employer can freely access the files, as they are professional by default. He cannot access personal files:

  • only in the presence of the employee or after calling him
  • in the event of a particular risk or event, the assessment of which is up to the courts

In addition, the employer cannot sanction an employee based on the content of a personal or private message.

How to Prevent Gambling Online

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How to Prevent Gambling Online
In order to gamble online, you will need a computer with a functioning internet connection. Most
gambling sites are compatible with PCs running Windows claim free credit new member, but there are some that are
compatible with Macs. You can play any type of computer or laptop, and even mobile devices
such as smartphones. However, you must be sure that you are comfortable with playing on the
website you’re considering. Luckily, there are plenty of websites that are compatible with
different operating systems.

What Sky Bet, The Gambling App, Knows About You - The New York Times
Gambling online can have its drawbacks, however. While most online casinos conduct only a
perfunctory check of their players jdl casino, there are still several potential threats. For example, if you live
in a jurisdiction where online casinos are banned, there are certain regulations that you must
follow. Be aware of the laws of your area before participating in any game, and make sure that
you are aware of the rules and regulations. This will protect you from any legal troubles.
There are a number of strategies that can be used to prevent gambling online. The first step is to
educate consumers about the risks of gambling. There are several strategies to help you
understand the risks of online gambling. Primary prevention strategies include raising awareness
of the risks, such as introducing new players to the site. Second, you can use Internet-based
practice sites to learn how to gamble responsibly. You can also incorporate these strategies into
your school’s curriculum or conduct community education forums to spread the word about
gambling risk.
Despite the benefits of on-line gambling, the fact is that the risk of harm is too great. Moreover,
the convenience of online gambling raises concerns about regulating access to both practice and

‘for-money’ gambling sites. Although governments have developed effective tools to monitor on-
line gambling providers, they have had little success in preventing underage youth from using

the sites. These concerns are likely to continue, as governments and providers are currently
grappling with the issue of how to protect children from gambling online.

Which Cryptocurrency is Better To Gamble With -
Another common concern when gambling online is the risk of identity theft. Those who engage
in online gambling are more likely to be victims of a crime than to be victims of a gambling
website. Those who are vulnerable to this risk should seek out alternative means of making their
decisions. They should be aware of the risks associated with the games they play. It is not a
good idea to risk their safety by playing illegal games. In fact, many of these sites are scams
that may cause harm.
While online gambling has a large benefit for governments, it is still a growing concern for
parents and those who are at risk. The use of internet gambling has increased in recent years,
and governments have become more active in the operation of these sites. This has become a
significant public health issue, and it has been noted that it can have harmful effects for children
and adults. It is important to avoid these sites, however, as they are not regulated by
government entities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gambling 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gambling 

Depending on your preferences, you may engage in sports betting, virtual poker, or casino games Online Sports Betting India. Some types of online gambling even include betting on lottery tickets. Liechtenstein’s International Lottery was one of the first venues to offer online gambling. These venues are widely available today. Here are the advantages of online gaming. Once you have registered for an account, you will be able to gamble at anytime, from the comfort of your own home. 

}Online Casinos: What are the advantages and disadvantages? - Quora

The main advantages of gambling online are its convenience and a wide variety of games. If you can’t find the game you’re looking for in your favorite casino, you can play hundreds of games online Most casinos offer online bingo and sportsbook betting. They allow you to use your credit card, and many of them offer free or real money. You can transfer funds from tab to tab and win real money. Some websites even have mobile gaming capabilities, which makes them a perfect choice for a smartphone or tablet. 

Some online casinos require you to download software on your device before you can play the games. Others offer you the option to chat online while playing. Some online casinos also have high-tech features that make them more interactive. In some cases, you can play against other people or the computer. The games can be played in virtual reality, which means you can even use your phone to participate in the gambling. However, it’s important to check your local laws before engaging in online gambling. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Bingo

Before you begin gambling online, you must familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Once you’ve read the rules of the game, you can enter your personal information and start betting. You’ll need to select a user name and password. You’ll need to input your credit card details before you start betting. You can even try out some games for free before spending real money. You can always withdraw your winnings if you don’t win. 

The popularity of gambling online has become more popular among people in recent years. It is possible to bet on sports or even play games with other people from different countries. There are many benefits of online gambling. You can enjoy all the excitement of gambling without the risk of losing money. A lot of people are now playing games from the comfort of their home. This gives them a chance to play more games and earn more money. This is a good way to earn extra money. 

There are many disadvantages to gambling online. Although it is illegal in many countries, it can be a lucrative activity. In most states, gambling is allowed, you must be a legal citizen. For example, in the United States, it is prohibited in certain countries. So, if you live in a country where gambling is banned, you should not play online. It can lead to problems with your finances. But the benefits are worth it.

Malaysian Cryptocurrency Market

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Malaysian Cryptocurrency Market
The Cryptocurrency Malaysians are excited about the future of Cryptocurrency. They see it as a
means of supplementing or even replacing traditional monetary systems like the Bank of
Malaysia, Central banks from around the world HeroPark game, and even other governments. One of the
greatest benefits of Cryptocurrency is its ” deflationary” nature. As Cryptocurrency is increasing
in value, so will the amount of Bank of Malaysia notes and other paper liabilities issued in the
name of their currency. This will free up funds that could be invested by Malaysian citizens in
other productive assets.

Najib's cryptocurrency idea worth a look, says economist | Free Malaysia  Today (FMT)
In addition to this, the Cryptocurrency is one of the safest investments in the world today. In the
event of a financial crisis where all global currencies lose value, the Cryptocurrency such as the
Malaysian Ringgidar will remain intact hero park coin. Even after all losses have been made, the
Cryptocurrency will continue to increase in price. This is due to the fact that the value of the
Malaysian Ringgidar (the unit of currency in circulation) is not tied to any one particular currency.
This makes it one of the most liquid and secure investments available anywhere in the world.
One of the primary reasons why Cryptocurrency is enjoying so much popularity amongst the
youthful generation and young professionals in general in Malaysia is because of the
accessibility factor. The Internet, of which Malay Mail Online is one of the most widely used
mediums in the country, has allowed many people in the country to trade in Cryptocurrency
online. Moreover, Internet based businesses such as those conducted by Malaysians using the
Malay Mail Online network, have made trading and investing in Cryptocurrency online very
simple and easy. A person who is equipped with the knowledge required to perform basic
functions in the online community such as creating an account, transfer funds and changing
currencies quite easily uses the Internet to get involved in the process.
The use of the Internet has also led to the increase in demand for various other services
associated with Cryptocurrency. An investor in Cryptocurrency can now undertake diverse online
business activities such as buying and selling of different types of Cryptocurrencies as well as
conducting trading activities as well. In fact, some of these investors use their online computer
systems as a means to “hire” other individuals who are willing to engage in transactions with
them online.

Positive growth of Malaysian women's interest in cryptocurrency - Money  Compass
As a result, there are a lot of new entrepreneurs entering the field of Cryptocurrency and taking
advantage of this emerging opportunity. These entrepreneurs have been able to attract several
number of clients to their websites who are willing to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies in the form of
Forex and other types of Currencies. Because of this, competition among these new businesses
is quite fierce. They are also trying to outdo one another in terms of offering new products,
features and benefits to their clients.
Therefore, for someone who wants to enter the exciting world of Cryptocurrency trading in the
Malaysia market, it is important to do some research and study before making any investment
decision. This way, you can ensure that you will get the best value for your money. It is also
advisable to consult your local attorney or accountant before making any purchase. They can
assist you with the law in the country and the implications related to making a purchase online.
In fact, they can also guide you on how to go about doing business in Malaysia as a buyer or
seller of Cryptocurrencies.

Chinese Praying Material – A Guide to Buying Chinese Prayers

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Chinese Praying Material – A Guide to
Buying Chinese Prayers
Chinese praying mats are among the most popular prayer materials used by Buddhists in China
and Tibet. Joss, or Joss Paper, is a prayer paper commonly used in China and Tibet. Joss
comes from the Joss plant, which grows wild in many Asian countries, including Japan, Korea
and other Asia-Pacific nations JinPaper. Joss is the plural of the English word “joss,” meaning prayer.
Joss Paper is made from the bark of the Joss tree.
Chinese praying joss can be found in Joss Stick form, which is a prayer mat made with strips of
joss paper that are dyed in different colors. Joss Stick prayer mats are popular as they are large
enough to be placed flat on the floor. They are very durable and they do not get easily stuck in
curbs, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular in Asia. Chinese prayer mats also
come in a number of different sizes, some of which are rectangular and some are square.

Chinese Pray – The Paper and the Prayer | The 7 Lovelies
Joss candles are also popular in the Chinese culture. In Buddhism, all Bodhisattvas, or religious
leaders, have a collection of candles that represent the attributes of the Buddha in each prayer.
Chinese candles are not always candles that burn down, but they are worshiped instead.
Chinese candles are usually worshiped for various reasons, such as for their incantation with
powerful religious energies or as a manifestation of the God. Chinese religious literature
describes the candle burning as a cosmic process.
Chinese prayer candles come in many shapes and colors, including the traditional green prayer
candle. There are joss candles that have been carved in the shape of religious objects, animals,
or landscape designs. Some of these candles are more elaborately carved, while others are
made more simple with just a flat bowl with a hole in it. One type of joss candle is called a
tealight candle. This is a green, multicolored candle that has a single tealight inside of it.
Chinese prayer most candles are typically available in several different scents. The more
expensive types of joss candles are more fragrant than the ones that are considered to be of
medium quality. Chinese candles are available in an array of different scents, which makes them
even more desirable to people who are not able to partake in a Chinese religious ceremony due
to health reasons. A great many people purchase their tealight candles from Chinese companies
due to the fact that the products do not contain any artificial fragrances, color, or scent. Some
companies also offer handmade Chinese joss candles.

Worshippers pray during Ghost Festival at Chinese temple in Bangkok -  Xinhua |
When purchasing a Chinese prayer joss candle, there are several things that you should keep in
mind. For example, most of these candles will have either a gold ring or a silver ring around the
forehead. These two items will be the only embellishments that the Chinese praying joss candle
has. You can choose which type of ring you want to use, and you can often see examples of
both of these styles on the websites of the different Chinese companies that make these
candles. The ring on the top of the candle shows respect for the Chinese religion and shows that
the person buying the candle wants to show respect for the Chinese.

Another thing that you will often see on Chinese prayer joss candles is artwork of Chinese
characters. These are often seen as being on the sides or the bodies of the candle. Some of the
characters will be in Chinese, while others will be translated to show respect for the culture of
the Chinese people. There is no way to really know what these characters mean, other than to

know that they were created by someone who understands Chinese culture. This is another
reason that the Chinese characters are added onto the bottom of the candle; it shows respect
for their culture.
The last type of Chinese lamp you will often see is a Chinese lamp made from fragrances or
incense sticks. Most of these fragrances or incenses are harvested from the Chinese terracotta
trees. They are harvested by machine, so you do not have to worry about the Chinese monks
harvesting them manually, unlike the wu long tea lamps that many people often see in Chinese
restaurants. The fragrances and incense sticks are then put into the long bamboo frames that
the candle is placed inside of.

How To Properly End An Email?

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For many, finishing an email is often more complicated than starting it. How do you end an email the right way? What are the phrases and polite phrases that are best to avoid (despite their frequent use)? It is important to pay attention to the last words, because they will be remembered by the recipient.

Is It Better To Send Letters Or Emails?

It is recommended (even mandatory) to send letters for important requests related to Human Resources (letter of resignation, termination of the trial period , invitation to a dismissal interview, etc.), for customer relations (formal notice for unpaid invoice, apologies following the delivery of a defective product, etc.) and suppliers ( formal notice of delivery of an order, etc.). We offer letter templates to save you time.

Otherwise, for daily exchanges , sending emails is preferred. For example, to send a quote to a prospect, follow up with a customer about an invoice, send documents to a colleague, etc.

What Should Be Avoided At The End Of The Email?

Below are some examples of sentences and formulas, often used for some, for which you should not choose :

  • The banal formulas , which are so common that they are no longer even read by the recipients (ex: Remaining at your disposal for any further information)
  • Useless sentences , which add nothing to the message (ex: good reception)
  • Negative formulas because negation unconsciously has an impact (ex: Do not hesitate to, We will not fail to)
  • The hope (eg, I hope, hope)
  • Requests that appear to be orders (ex: Thank you for, Thank you for)
  • The abbreviations as this may seem wrong to some, even if it is not a letter (eg Pk, Lt.)
  • The submission (eg remaining in available)
  • Sentences that are too much (ex: Have a nice day, Respectfully)
  • The accumulation (ex: See you soon, have a good day, cordially)
  • The too familiar formulas (ex: kiss, kisses)

What Is Better To Write?

Here are some examples of what is possible to write at the end of an email:

    • I’m waiting for your response / Looking forward to your feedback (If you want a response )
    • Know that you can contact us / We invite you to contact us (to show availability )
    • Friendships (only for privileged contacts , whom we have known for a very long time)
    • Have a nice day (when you’re used to communicating with the person)
    • With my best memories (when talking to a former colleague, for example, who we have fond memories of)
    • Regards (suitable for any interlocutor )
    • Sincerely yours ( formal and friendly formula , easy to use, if you have never met the recipient)
    • Cordial greetings (in case of hesitation between sincere greetings and cordially)
  • Kind regards / Best regards (after several exchanges with the interlocutor)